Specialised Printing

A business card with iridescent effect

Special Effects / Premium Printing

We provide premium, special effects printing consisting of: metallic, silver and gold toners, as well as white & clear toner.

These are all brand-new methods of printing and aim to create iridescent colour palettes, giving your print the shine and shimmer that it needs! These premium toners also often result in a textured effect which enhances the visual elements across the printed product.

Not only are these special effects visually appealing, but they catch the viewer’s attention far more than a flat, normal colour print. The quality speaks for itself and allows your print to stand out amongst the rest.

Black business card with orange text

Business Card


shiny business card designs

Business Card Backs

Gloss Printing

Business card with clear toner overlay

Business Card

Inversion Marketing Agency

Golden Inc toner on normal heavy style paper

Wedding Invitation

Special Printing